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Achieve your language goals faster and easier. Customize your learning, get personalized feedback, save resources, interact with native speakers, and explore Spanish culture.


You can learn Spanish from the comfort of your home, at your own pace and schedule, and with personalized feedback from our qualified instructors.



You develop different skills while getting immediate feedback from your teacher on your pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension.


You can customize your learning according to your interests, goals, and preferences. You can choose the topics, materials, and activities that suit you best.

Why us?

With almost 20 years of experience, we not only offer efficient Spanish courses, but also create a fun learning environment. Our native-speaking teachers not only bring specialist knowledge, but also share their love of the language. Discover the joy of learning Spanish – flexible, tailor-made and from anywhere!

Spanish courses in Spain :: ESPAÑOL.PRO

“I have been studying Spanish online with a friend for almost 8 months. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time and can only meet once a week. But that’s enough! The course is challenging, we learn lots of new vocabulary and structures in every lesson, which I then work on and practise during the week. And it’s definitely fun. Maricarmen is a wonderful teacher!”



“I relocated to Madrid for a new career opportunity and decided to enhance my Spanish skills. The courses were enjoyable and well-organized. José Antonio designed customized content based on the common scenarios I would encounter in daily life. We also practiced the colloquial aspects of Spanish. I would endorse this program to anyone who wants to learn Spanish online.”

Oliver Fuhrmann


Your Advantages

Personalized Learning:

You are unique, and so is your learning style. That’s why we tailor our curriculum to fit your needs and goals. Whether you want to improve your grammar, vocabulary, or pronunciation, or learn about specific topics that interest you, we have you covered.

Native Speaker Interaction:

Nothing beats learning from the real experts. Our teachers are native Spanish speakers who know the language inside and out. They will help you master the sounds, expressions, and nuances of Spanish, and make you feel like you are in Spain.

Individual Attention:

Our teachers will give you their full attention and focus on your progress. They will guide you, correct you, and praise you along the way. You will never feel lost or bored in our classes.

Real-life Conversations:

You don’t just want to learn Spanish, you want to use it. That’s why we will engage you in authentic conversations with your teacher, on topics that matter to you. You will practice your speaking and listening skills in real situations, and learn about the culture and people of Spanish-speaking countries.

Convenient Learning Environment:

You don’t need to travel or commute to learn Spanish. You can do it from the comfort of your own home, or any place you prefer. All you need is an internet connection and a device. We will make sure you have a relaxed and cozy atmosphere for your learning.

Spanish Courses online

Our courses cater to diverse needs, covering general language, specialized areas, exam preparation, grammar, and conversation. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking improvement, focus on specific skills like pronunciation, vocabulary, or cultural understanding. Prepare for exams with our targeted support.


  • Spanish courses with 2 to 30 lessons per week
  • One-on-one or closed group
  • Communicative method
  • Course levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1
Spanish courses online :: ESPAÑOL.PRO
Spanish courses in Spain :: ESPAÑOL.PRO
Spanish courses in Spain :: ESPAÑOL.PRO
Spanish courses in Tenerife Language school in Puerto de la Cruz ESPAÑOL.PRO
Spanish courses in Spain :: ESPAÑOL.PRO

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