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Spanish courses in Salamanca

Language school in Salamanca

Our school of Spanish in Salamanca is situated in the heart of the city, in a historical building, 5 minutes walk from the Plaza Mayor.
It has been recently restored, and equipped with the latest technology; 20 air-conditioned classrooms, a video and conference room, library and an information room with free internet access. There is also a spacious enclosed patio with a typical Castilian well where you can relax with a coffee and chat to friends during the breaks. Our language school in Salamanca is best characterised by its authentic international ambience with a complete programme of extra-curricular activities, most of which are free for our students.

Learn Spanish in Salamanca

Lying on the banks of the river Tormes, this old Castillian town is located 200km from Madrid and just 90km from Portugal. Columbus, Cervantes and Unamuno all lived here.
The Universidad de Salamanca is the oldest university of Spain and one of oldest Europe – she was created in the year 1218. The Plaza Mayor, a former bullfighting arena, applies with 4,400 square meters not only as of largest, but also most beautiful place Spain.
In Salamanca you can visit many art and sculpture exhibitions and museums such as La Casa Lis. You can also visit the theatre or go to concerts, lectures… The city offers a great variety of things to do. On top of this, each month our language school prepares a detailed programme of activities.
A guided tour of the city on the first day of each month.
Four lectures every week (art, history, literature, Spanish regions).
Four films in Spanish each week.
Sport activities (tennis, bowling, squash, basketball, football).
Board games (chess, cards, trivial pursuit, checkers…).
Each week a party in a local pub-disco with one free drink.
The use of internet in the college everyday.
During the weekends we offer different excursions to different cities in Spain:
MADRID: Guided tour of the city , Prado Museum and Reina Sofía, the Retiro Park and Plaza Mayor.
TOLEDO: The entire city is an artistic and cultural monument.
SEGOVIA: Known for its Roman aqueduct and its old centre.
ÁVILA: With an impressive wall that circles the city.
LA ALBERCA: A historic and picturesque medieval village in La Sierra de Francia.

Spanish courses in Salamanca

Our philosophy is to offer the best service at a reasonable price. To this end our learning groups are small (maximum nine students per class), we guarantee nine learning levels, ten different kinds of course, five different accommodation options and a social program which includes parties, excursions, guided tours, sports and more.

Guarantee of Quality
Our Spanish courses in Salamanca are accredited by the prestigious Instituto Cervantes and with the CEELE, a main quality certification for Spanish as a foreign language. All of our teachers are University graduates with extensive experience and specific training in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Our language school in Salamanca is best characterised by its authentic international ambience with a complete programme of extra-curricular activities, most of which are free for our students.

Spanish language courses in Salamanca :: ESPAÑOL.PRO Spain

Course levels

At the beginning of the course a written and oral evaluation is made. On the basis of this each student is placed in the group which suits his or her level. All levels are offered from Beginners to Advanced. Our 12 courses in 9 levels follow the European Framework of Reference for Languages and the guidelines of Instituto Cervantes. Students completing their courses successfully will be granted the diploma and academic report which certifies the type of course, the number of hours studied and the level of proficiency attained.
Spanish language courses in Salamanca :: ESPAÑOL.PRO Spain
The school makes learning Spanish fun! The classes are small and they organize activities. I was there for almost three months and it was unforgettable. I went to school every day with pleasure, also because all the people there are so nice, help you with everything and give you personal attention! I would recommend this school to everyone and all age groups!
Vincent Donders

Leiden, The Netherlands

My daughter attended a course organised by the College and the experience was far better than most courses she attended.
Great organisation, a lot of diverse activities, effective courses.
As my daughter suffers from coeliac disease, the College was outstandingly supportive and took incredible care of all the details that could have in some way affected her.
Raffaele Valente

Accommodations & Arrival

Arrival: Sunday / Depature: Saturday

School residence:
It is in the city centre, 5 minutes walk from the Plaza Mayor and 10 minutes from the school. It has 42 bedrooms, double and individual, three sitting rooms, a patio and all modern facilities. You can choose between a single or double room, at half or full board. Students must bring their own towels. The residence provides bedclothes. Facilities for washing clothes are included in the price.

Family accommodation:
All the families that take in our students have been carefully chosen and we guarantee that they will treat you very well, with quality food and a nice clean houses. You can choose between a single or double room, at half or full board.

Shared flats:
These flats have a double room and 2 or 3 single rooms, a bathroom, kitchen and sitting- room.

All our families, like our flats, residences and the hotels that work with us, are located in the city centre, a maximum of 20 minutes walk on foot to the Plaza Mayor and the school.

Spanish course in Salamanca

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