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Spanish courses in Almuñecar

Language school in Almuñecar

Our Spanish language school in Almuñecar was founded in 1992. The school is very centrally located in the heart of Almuñécar’s old town and pedestrian precinct. It is only a minute’s walk from the beach, shops, restaurants and bars, and close to the accommodation we offer.

The school has five classrooms fully-equipped for the study of Spanish with TV, video, DVD and all the necessary audio and CD equipment. Our school of spanish in Almuñecar is an Accredited Centre by Instituto Cervantes. All our language teachers are native Spanish speakers.

Learn Spanish in Almuñecar

Almuñécar is a small town located on the Mediterranean Coast of Granada, which has a unique tropical microclimate, hence the name “Costa Tropical”. Although it is a fishing village Almuñécar’s economy is also based on the production of tropical fruits such as the chirimoya, or custard apple, kiwi, avocado and nispora.

The Almuñécar coastline boasts over 19 kilometres of beautiful beaches and hidden bays with calm crystal-clear waters especially well suited to the practice of water sports such as diving, windsurfing, etc. Almuñécar Aquarium recreates this part of the Mediterranean sea, its habitat and ecosystems, with more than 3,000 specimens from 200 different species of fishes and invertebrates such as, octopus, jellyfishes, etc. Also, the proximity of the mountains is perfect for the practice of open air adventure sports such as trekking, paragliding etc.

Our school of Spanish in Almuñecar organizes 5 free activities weekly in the afternoons or evenings (guieded tours of Almuñecar, workshops, sports, etc.).

  • On Mondays there is a guided tour of the town or surrounding areas in which we will discover curious details about the history and the legends surrounding the origin of the town, for example, visit to the historical centre, the Botanical Gardens: Parque del Majuelo and archeological site (Fábrica de Salazón), the Tropical Valley, etc.
  • Welcome parties in a bar on the beach in summer time.
  • Workshops on music, cinema, phonetics, Spanish and Latin-American History, Culture and Literature etc.
  • Debates and activities on current affairs.
  • Sport Activities in summertime: beachvolley, badminton, etc.

Spanish courses in Almuñecar

The classes in Almuñecar will be carried out entirely in Spanish from the first day for every language level. We give prominence to the communicative approach because it is activity-based, interactive and learner-centred and it encourages learners to use the language as much as possible for real and purposeful communication, in real-life or realistic situations. We also follow an eclectic methodology in which the individual needs, interests, and learning styles of our students are taken into consideration. For that reason, we incorporate complementary techniques and strategies that have also proved successful in language learning.

Course levels

Our Spanish language courses in Almuñecar are organized according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Council of Europe). Our courses start on any Monday, any level, except for the Teacher Training courses and the Courses for Teenagers. On the first day of the course participants will take a placement test to determine their command of Spanish grammar and conversation and vocabulary. At the end of the course every participant will receive the Attendance Certificate.

Guarantee of quality
Our Spanish language school in Almuñecar is accredited by the “Instituto Cervantes”. Our school is an examination centre for The Madrid Chamber of Commerce exams for Commercial Spanish, Medical Spanish and Spanish for Tourism, which can be taken at any time here at the school. We also offer preparatory courses for these exams.

This is a very nice school! I was studying spanish filology and I needed special high level classes, but it wasn´t a problem for the school, they adapted the teaching program to me. The grammar lessens were much better then in the university! When I was back, my teacher on the university asked me where I learned speak so good… And you have a lot of fun. The town is lovely and you have a lot of posibilitis to see a lot of the culture of Andalusia.
Andreas Weber

Leipzig, Germany

Accommodations & Arrival

Arrival: Sunday; Depature: Saturday

Spanish families
Selected by the school after a personal interview. You can choose single or double room at Half Board (includes two meals: breakfast, lunch or dinner) or at Full Board includes three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. One wash of clothes per week is included.

Shared apartments
Our apartments are fully equipped: Bedrooms have a bed, wardrobe, table and chair. They can be single or double (for people coming together). Common areas: Living room; Kitchen with fridge, washing machine, cooker/stove; Bathroom.

Hotel/ Hostal and individual apartment
If required, we can also arrange this kind of accommodation. Prices depend on requirements.

Spanish course in Almuñecar

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